Advent season in Switzerland’s oldest city

Compared to Zürich (Zurich in English) – the biggest city of Switzerland – Chur (Coire in English) seems rather tiny. However if you decide to take the chance and visit the oldest city of Switzerland during Advent season you surely won’t regret it. Coire’s treasures are hidden and you actually need to seek the beauties of the ancient town, which are usually only known to local people. In this blog post I will introduce you to some of the city’s secrets.

1. Christkindlimarkt
The Christkindlimarkt is a little Christmas fair in the heart of Coire. It offers everyone in the family some kind of entertainment for little money. Children may go on a ride on the carousel while grown-ups warm their hands on a hot cup of delicious punch. The Christkindlimarkt is gaining popularity. This year it took place for several days and not just for one single weekend.

2. Ice skating in the center
Every year the city provides an outdoor ice rink, which is popular with all age groups. I used to go there with my grandmother when I was in kindergarten. I loved the experience and I won’t ever miss a chance to go ice skating when I’m in town.

3. Merz Café
If you want to escape the cold or simply need a break from all the Christmas craziness that’s happening in december I highly recommend to stop by the Merz Café. It’s located in the same building as the Manor department store. The café seems like paradise on earth for everyone with a sweet tooth.

4. The “Obertor”
The “Obertor” is the town gate of Coire. The four-storied tower represents the town’s landmark.

5. Alexanderplatz
On the Alexanderplatz in Chur you find the “3 Lotus” – Statue by the artist Not Vital.

6. Go and see a mammoth-tree
In the Fontanapark, which is located in the heart of the city one gets to see a sequoia or how the Grisons call it a “mammoth-tree”.

7. The “Bärenloch” (possible translation: bear-cavity)
Slip through the bear-cavity and find yourself in the olden days. The bear-cavity between the Arcas and the Martins Square visualizes the housing situation before the fire of 1464.

8. “Das Haus zum Meerhafen” (possible translation: the house to the seaport)
This house is one of the first newly constructed buildings after the fire of 1464 so therefore it’s one of the oldest (most likely the oldest) buildings of the city.

9. The “Zschaler” Haus
The “Zschaler House” is a beautiful little house in the historic part of the town. Its facade is opulently painted, which makes the house one of a kind.

10. New Year’s on top of Coire’s backyard mountain
If you haven’t gotten enough you can spend a few more days in the amazing city of Coire and stay for New Year’s. The “Brambrüesch” ropeway will get you quickly to the top of the mountain where you get to watch the fireworks. The view is breathtaking.

Little hint for the little ones: Kids can get the city’s travel guide for kids (Kinderstadtplan Chur) at the tourist information center in Coire. The guide is also available online.

This was only a little foretaste of what is to come if you decide to spend Advent season in the city of Coire.


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