Top 5 things to do in Arosa during summer

Many know Arosa as a place to spend an amazing winter holiday. You can ski and snowboard or simply go for a walk by the lake and along the snowy streets of the town. Arosa sure is a great destination for a winter vacation but it’s just as beautiful in the summer. Arosa is 1’775 meters above sea level. This is why the temperature won’t rise as high up in the summer. A visit is a great possibility to cool down and enjoy a wonderful and sunny summer day.


  1. Spend the day in the forest

In Arosa you can experience nature on a whole new level. There’s the “Squirrel Trail” in the forest, which is basically a family hiking trail with barbecue areas and places for the children to play. Squirrels and birds will accompany you along the way. Make sure to bring them a little treat. They absolutely love hazelnuts.

2.  Try the best “Gerstensuppe” in the country

At the end of the trail you’ll come across the Gold and Sports Hotel Hof Maran. There they serve they serve by far the best “Gerstensuppe” (barley broth) in Switzerland.

“Gerstensuppe” (barley broth) is a Swiss national dish.

3.  Enjoy the view of the lake and local pastries

My favorite bakery in Arosa is the Widmer bakery right at the lake front. When you go there make sure to try the squirrel cookies.

When you get tired of exploring the beauties in Arosa you can stop by the café next to the bakery. There you get to relax while enjoying the view of the lake.


4.  Exercise by the lake

The fact that there is a lake in Arosa makes this place even more unique. Not only tourists but also locals like to stay and exercise by the lake. Some people go for a run, others prefer to ride a bike, roller-skate or simply take a walk. There’s also the possibility to rent a paddle boat. Arosa often happens to be the host of sports events because the scenery simply makes it possible.

5.  Go on a horse-drawn carriage ride

There’s also the possibility to discover Arosa by carriage. Departure is in front of the train station. The coachmen are locals and will be able to tell you anything about they’re hometown.


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